Batman bedroom

Create a cool Batman bedroom for boys (or kickass girls)

How to

Finn has turned 5 and decided he needs a more grown up bedroom…i:e he wants Batman EVERYWHERE! Needing to find a way to keep him happy but also to make sure the room stays in keeping with the rest of the house (basically grey!!) and not bring in clashing colours, I went on the hunt for ways to do Batman, but with style!

I had trouble finding any cool bedding under £60 but eventually came across this great set from for a lot less. It’s an American site, but they shipped them over here very promptly!


Wall Art 

Next I painted these canvasses using the same paint colours that I used on the walls.

You can get similar ones online if you don’t fancy trying your hand at creating your own.

You can also create a Gotham city-scape complete with Bat signal on the wall. Don’t panic! This was more simple that you may expect and you will easily be able to recreate it with just some paint, (I used Dulux ‘Just Walnut’ and ‘Warm pewter’) a brush and the all important frog tape! (Plain old masking tape isn’t going to do here as I find the paint always bleeds through.)

5 steps to create Gotham city wall art



#1  Using your Frog tape, make some rectangular shapes to create your buildings.


#2 Make these rectangular shapes a bit more interesting by adding the odd triangle to create different shaped roofs.


#3 Using your darker grey paint, fill in your buildings.

TIP…Peel off the frog tape sooner rather than later as this needs to be done when the paint is still slightly wet to avoid peeling off any paint.


#4 Using a small artists paint brush, use your white paint to add squares which will create your windows. These can be all different sizes and in random order. This bit is little trickier as you will need a steady hand.  I did use the frog tape to create squares for the larger windows.


#5 You can go one step further if you’re feeling really brave and use your frog tape to create the bat signal lines coming from one of the buildings. I then traced a bat sign from a Batman poster Finn has and painted it on the wall, but this really does require a steady hand. You can get wall stickers or stencils that would do the job too.

Batman bedroom

Finish styling the room with some fairy lights, cosy blankets and their favourite teddies and you will have a fun and cosy room that they can’t wait to go to bed in!

…And I almost got away without having any cartoon Batman figures…but you have to compromise in life I guess!

Let me know in the comments below how your kids rooms are decorated, if you had to compromise to get what you and your child both wanted or even if you plan to paint your own Gotham city on your childs wall… Go for it!!





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