New year…New home (until chickenpox arrived!) 


2017…I was all ready to leap into the new year refreshed and revved up to start my looooong list of home decorating projects I’ve been eager to start ever since we moved into our new home in Devon. Nothing major, just paint every room, get new furnishings for every room, repaint a chest of drawers oh and a Gotham city-scape in Finn’s room. Easy!

2nd Jan…Lola gets chicken pox! The first week has been spent tearing my hair out every night and my days wandering around in a trance. Not to be disheartened I decided to start all of these projects all at once, so spent my week doing random bits of each job whenever I had a spare second…so I painted half a chest of drawers while the kids were in the bath, part of the utility while I did the dinner and the living room while watching my weekly dose of First Dates! You can just guess how half finished the house looks now but I will keep you informed on the progress… this is the colour I’m doing the bedroom…

Farrow and Ball light blue bedroom

Did I mention I’d also started the bedroom! Oops. It’s Farrow and Ball Light Blue, but it’s not blue at all. It’s a really lovely colour though, that gives a very calming and cosy look for a bedroom.

Happy New year and I’ll post the finished projects hopefully soon…I’d love to hear about the things on your new year/new home lists and the projects you want to finish, so let me know…













6 thoughts on “New year…New home (until chickenpox arrived!) 

  1. Commiserations on the chicken pox, and that’s a lovely colour for the bedroom. Can’t work out why people surround themselves with white. Warm colours actually make rooms look bigger as they make the walls ‘recede’! Plus…they’re warm. 😀 Good luck with the rest. 🙂


  2. Gorgeous colour! Hope Lola is all better now.

    I have to say I’m all about white and using very colourful pictures (we have bright red sofas). I have promised myself that in the next house we buy I’m going to attempt to paint the walls in colours, I’ll hit you up for some tips 😀 x


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