Batman bedroom

Create a cool Batman bedroom for boys (or kickass girls)

How to

Finn has turned 5 and decided he needs a more grown up bedroom…i:e he wants Batman EVERYWHERE! Needing to find a way to keep him happy but also to make sure the room stays in keeping with the rest of the house (basically grey!!) and not bring in clashing colours, I went on the hunt for ways to do Batman, but with style!

I had trouble finding any cool bedding under £60 but eventually came across this great set from for a lot less. It’s an American site, but they shipped them over here very promptly!


Wall Art 

Next I painted these canvasses using the same paint colours that I used on the walls.

You can get similar ones online if you don’t fancy trying your hand at creating your own.

You can also create a Gotham city-scape complete with Bat signal on the wall. Don’t panic! This was more simple that you may expect and you will easily be able to recreate it with just some paint, (I used Dulux ‘Just Walnut’ and ‘Warm pewter’) a brush and the all important frog tape! (Plain old masking tape isn’t going to do here as I find the paint always bleeds through.)

5 steps to create Gotham city wall art



#1  Using your Frog tape, make some rectangular shapes to create your buildings.


#2 Make these rectangular shapes a bit more interesting by adding the odd triangle to create different shaped roofs.


#3 Using your darker grey paint, fill in your buildings.

TIP…Peel off the frog tape sooner rather than later as this needs to be done when the paint is still slightly wet to avoid peeling off any paint.


#4 Using a small artists paint brush, use your white paint to add squares which will create your windows. These can be all different sizes and in random order. This bit is little trickier as you will need a steady hand.  I did use the frog tape to create squares for the larger windows.


#5 You can go one step further if you’re feeling really brave and use your frog tape to create the bat signal lines coming from one of the buildings. I then traced a bat sign from a Batman poster Finn has and painted it on the wall, but this really does require a steady hand. You can get wall stickers or stencils that would do the job too.

Batman bedroom

Finish styling the room with some fairy lights, cosy blankets and their favourite teddies and you will have a fun and cosy room that they can’t wait to go to bed in!

…And I almost got away without having any cartoon Batman figures…but you have to compromise in life I guess!

Let me know in the comments below how your kids rooms are decorated, if you had to compromise to get what you and your child both wanted or even if you plan to paint your own Gotham city on your childs wall… Go for it!!





2017 up and coming trends (and how to use them in your home)


2017 brings all new interior trends to watch out for and you will start seeing them in the glossy mags and all over Instagram. You may like aspects of the latest looks but not want to invest in totally redecorating your space or feel confident enough to really go crazy trend wise. That’s ok. That’s good. Trends are so fleeting, it’s probably best not to follow them by the letter but to take parts of them that you love and that fit in with your style and home. That way your look will be timeless and you won’t have to keep changing and replacing things.

So…what are the forecast trends for 2017 I hear you shout?!

Here’s a round up of my favourites and how to bring them into your space:

Greenery… Being Pantone colour of the year, of course we are going to see fresh, bright green pops of colour creeping into all aspects of design. It’s a bright and happy colour but quite strong, so rather than smothering all of your walls in it, I would bring in this trend by having lots of beautiful flowers and plants around and also choose one key piece to, as Pantone put it ‘reinvigorate’ and ‘rejuvenate’ your look. Go green for 2017!

Lime green ottoman.
This Green ottoman from is a great piece in a classic style that also gives you a bright, fun and trend worthy colour!

Feeling Blue… Strong and moody dark blue’s have been growing steadily in interiors for a while now and a personal favourite of mine. Moving away from greys (although I am still obsessed with my beloved grey) I love the warm and edgy vibe that indigo, navy and Prussian blue can give. They make a space look current whilst still creating atmosphere. However, 2017 is going to see brighter, jewel like blues creeping into our homes, and these can add a more glamorous and sophisticated look.


1.House of Fraser oversized blue cushion

2. Moroccan tile cobalt blue cushion

3. Blue throw by London blankets

Cushions and throws are a great way to quickly and cheaply update a living space. These blues have great impact, and you can swap or change up the look when you need to. Blue works well with a lot of other colours as well, so you can add in accents of mustard yellow, corals or orange if you want more interest, or you can keep it all blue for a serene and cool look.

Artisans…  Home made and DIY crafting projects are very popular but 2017 will see more skilled artisan products gaining popularity with a lot of people preferring to shop for high quality products that will stand the test of time and stay with them through their lives. People are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and like to use craftspeople with sustainable products.

1. Handmade ceramic planter

2.Handmade porcelain bowl

3.Handmade ceramic mug

Natural materials like ceramics, porcelain, wood and stone give a real quality feel to a home and if used along side more modern materials and colours, they can make a scheme look really cool. These items from Not on the High Street are a lovely way to incorporate artisan, wonderfully made products but without huge expense, and who doesn’t love a bit of new kitchenware!!

Glamour and Opulence …  If you love a really sophisticated and luxurious interior, there are lots of products and room schemes that go all out on the glamour! Copper accents have been used for a while now and are a great way to add a touch of class to a look but 2017 is set to see this trend sore with the addition of lots of reflective and mirrored surfaces, gorgeous velvets and brass and marble materials being used for anything from kitchen surfaces to clocks and lamps.



  1. Harlequin wallpaper
  2. Ivy side table – brass and antiqued mirror
  3. Handmade gold lined lampshade 
  4. Habitat copper vase

These pieces are an easy way to incorporate this trend into your living space without spending a huge amount of money and they really create a slick scheme and look more expensive than they actually are. However, if you need a stand out, wow factor statement piece, this lush, dark green velvet armchair with brass frame from is going to give you just that! A little more expensive compared to using accessories to create your trend worthy interiors but this design is timeless and never going to go out of fashion, so there’s an excuse for you!

Grass cotton velvet armchair

These are just some of my favourite looks and styles coming up in 2017 and obviously you should take trends with a pinch of salt and always go with what you love for your home.

I would love to hear about the trends that you are looking forward to this year and how you plan to use them in your homes?


*I have not been paid or sent products for this post, these are my own opinions and just items that I love and would use in my home.

New year…New home (until chickenpox arrived!) 


2017…I was all ready to leap into the new year refreshed and revved up to start my looooong list of home decorating projects I’ve been eager to start ever since we moved into our new home in Devon. Nothing major, just paint every room, get new furnishings for every room, repaint a chest of drawers oh and a Gotham city-scape in Finn’s room. Easy!

2nd Jan…Lola gets chicken pox! The first week has been spent tearing my hair out every night and my days wandering around in a trance. Not to be disheartened I decided to start all of these projects all at once, so spent my week doing random bits of each job whenever I had a spare second…so I painted half a chest of drawers while the kids were in the bath, part of the utility while I did the dinner and the living room while watching my weekly dose of First Dates! You can just guess how half finished the house looks now but I will keep you informed on the progress… this is the colour I’m doing the bedroom…

Farrow and Ball light blue bedroom

Did I mention I’d also started the bedroom! Oops. It’s Farrow and Ball Light Blue, but it’s not blue at all. It’s a really lovely colour though, that gives a very calming and cosy look for a bedroom.

Happy New year and I’ll post the finished projects hopefully soon…I’d love to hear about the things on your new year/new home lists and the projects you want to finish, so let me know…